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Meet the sales team

Mattias Bjerstedt
B2B Sales Manager

Mattias is responsible for the team and the Business Sales department. He has been working at Rugvista for 8 years working within several departments and functions. He has been working within the furniture and interior sales segment for over 20 years, coming from physical retail before joining the company. Since 2019, when the B2B department was founded, he has been working passionately with a strong customer-first focus to better understand our role as a supplier to our trade partners for us to be able to continuously improve our offer to better fit their needs.

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Ohannes Boyajian
B2B Specialist

Joining the company in 2021 previously coming from the tech industry, Ohannes has been working with international sales managing large business accounts for several years. Ohannes also has a bachelor’s degree in Mass Communication/Media Studies from the University of Leicester. At Rugvista he is responsible for our key accounts, guiding our customers in finding and supplying the right rugs for larger projects to make better use of our customer's resources saving them time and money. Ohannes is a dedicated and attentive person seeking to build business relationships where everyone comes out on top.

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