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Fire-certified rugs are now available in our assortment

Choosing a rug with suitable properties, certifications, and specifications for use throughout a project is essential. While one rug might be suitable for high-traffic areas, another might be more suitable for areas where the acoustics are an issue.

With a versatile array of designs and styles, amazing acoustic properties, and undeniable comfort, hospitality rugs are a superior flooring option for your next hospitality project.

We are happy to announce that a large part of our collection has now been tested at The Research Institutes of Sweden AB (RISE) and the fire testing was conducted according to EN ISO 9239-1 and EN ISO 11925-2 and classification according to EN 13501-1. These rugs have the following rating classifications and certificates.


What is a Class B or Class 2 fire rating?

A Class B or Class 2 fire rating is the next best rating on the list. The flame spread rating of Class B would fall between 26 and 75. This rating is typical for slower-burning materials.


What is a Class C or Class 3 fire rating?

A Class C or Class 3 fire rating has a flame spread rating between 76 and 200. Ratings between 201 and 500 would be considered a Class D material, and Class E materials include anything with a flame spread rating above 500. Classes D and E are not considered effective against any form of fire exposure.


For detailed information about our fire-certified assortment, download the PDF files below containing the lists of certified rugs with links to the products in our webshop.